Garment Pro 2

GPro2 is developed specifically for the needs of apparel, leather and home furnishings companies. GPro2 ERP’s interconnected modules are flexible, configurable and span the entire manufacturing process, from style development to the shipment of finished garments.


GPro2's article development module includes Quick Costing for quotations and rapid response to RFQs, and tracking development history from enquiry through to approved prototype. Includes active Time and Action planning for on-time labdip and strike off approval, fabric testing, and certifications, and centralises all development documents and images for easy access to a fully browsable style history.

  • Size,Color,Garment type and Fit Variations are tracked and accordingly costed.

  • Multiple cost sheets per article - Easily change costings with changes in season or exchange rates without change of style codes.

  • Articles can consist of a single piece or unlimited 'Sub-Articles' such as style sets, suits, tracksuits and garment packs. Cost together, and easily add, merge and remove elements and track individual production..

  • Copy articles with single click to create quick variations.

  • Track and audit all changes and edits to articles. Who did what, when and why..

  • Attach any document to article such as buyer emails, faxes, PDFs.

  • Multi currency and multi unit support for all components with automatic currency converstion.

CRM & Order Module

GPro2 Order Module provides tools to input and calculate the gross expected margin and manages the orders on variation basis defined witin an article.GPro2 also features auditing tools so that management can track progress of orders from receipt to invoice. The Who, What, When and Why are all automatically captured enabling a full order process history to be available. Catch problem orders early, receive clear indications when any delays on purchasing threaten to delay order production.

  • Easily create orders with multiple delivery locations, dates, prices, size , colour and packing assortments.

  • Complete Sample management module from Proto Sample through Photo Sample, Size Set Samples, PP Sample and Sales Samples.

  • Manage and Track the order through a robust Time and Action Plan system.

  • Extensive reporting on bookings and sales by client, styles, consumptions, orders in hand.


GPro2's Fabrication Module is the most robust fabric production module in the world. It can handle production of Knits,Woven and Denim. Production can be outsourced or done in-house. The module will track and manage all the related activities of fabric production.

  • Plan Fabric Processing from Yarn to Griege, Greige to Finished Product.

  • Auto calculate Yarn quantities required for target fabric quantity.

  • Maintain colour recipes, shrinkage percentages, process price markups, etc.

  • Combine orders, styles and contracts to generate outsource work orders.

  • Define multiple user defined process and operation sequences with separate costs and wastages per colour.

  • Automatically insert yarn / dye quantities into order BOM.

  • Manage outsourced fabric production including attaching dyes and other materials.

  • Integrate fabric production plan with main order plan on planning board.

Fabric Store

Fabric Store will handle the storage of the fabric. This module also features the abbility to create Fabric Purchase Orders. Fabrics that are purchased will not be allowed for processing in any otherway to avoid over production.

  • Merge diffrent requirements to create a single purchase order.

  • Search and allocate fabric to orders.

  • State-of-the-Art 4-Point Inspection is done when receiving fabric into the store .

Trim Store

Trim Store will allow for purchasing of trims and accessories based on the demand from the sales order and BOM. Some general purpose trims can be purchased independently as well. Trim store will manage the inventory according to the demand and issue and receive stocks.

  • AQL inspection upon receiving of a purchase order. So the management has a clear idea of the quality of the stock at hand.

  • Inventory can be managed with multiple SKUs to streamline the processes of the factory.

  • Order Wise and Buyer wise Inventory allocation and reporting.

Chemical Store

GPro2 will track your chemical inventory from beginning to end and Track chemicals by location onsite with full support for barcodes and mobile apps. GPro2's AdHoc reporting system allows creating custom chemical inventory reports with virtually unlimited criteria.

  • Inspection and Batchwise inventory storage.

  • Leading Saftey and Environment compliance.

  • Inventory containers are linked to manufacturer specific safety data sheets. Print GHS labels on demand.

  • Manage storage compatibility by chemical classification and/or hazard class.

  • Manage chemical storage locations with storeroom check-in and check-out tools.

  • Set chemical reorder points and get automatic notifications when inventory is running low.

  • Set Inventory warning and stop limits for each of your locations based on hazard type.

General Store

GPro2 also provides funtions to track the inventory of general items (e.g; Machine Parts, Daily use items etc. )

  • Control inflow and outflow of items and issue only based on requirement and request from concerned authority.

  • Usage Reports with various filters and settings.

  • AQL Inspection for maintaining quality level of the inventory.

Fixed Asset Managment

GPro2's FA module will help you monitor the health of your locations, assets, equipment, and inventory all in one place. Tracking fixed assets is an important concern of every company, regardless of size. Fixed assets are defined as any ‘permanent’ object that a business uses internally including but not limited to computers, tools, software, or office equipment.

  • Provides complete Fixed Asset & Inventory Tracking solution that enables users to conduct comprehensive, cost-effective physical audits. Barcode labels, attached to fixed assets and inventory items, and handheld scanning devices are required to conduct the physical audit.

  • A comprehensive approach that cleanses and fortifies your fixed asset register to establish a stronger foundation for effective fixed asset management. In addition, fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services provide the necessary data visibility to avoid the risk of non-compliance with financial, tax and regulatory issues.

  • We brand your asset with Unique Asset Id (UAID) by means of barcode or RFID tags. These tags can be in compliance with requirements of various authorities. We brand the workstations and cubicles, conference rooms etc. and locations as well,so that locating and grouping of assets based on location is possible.

Production Planning

GPro2 automatically updates pre-production priorities and critical tasks based on the current production plan, and automatically adjusts planned production based on the actual information from the factory floor, giving you updated poduction finish times, and rescheduling subsequent production runs without requiring user input.

  • Multi-level capacity planning at both factory and operation/machine level.

  • Complete end-to-end system for ERP, Planning and WIP - no double data entry.

  • Supports barcode and RFID production tracking and labour cost control.

  • Manage work in progress, fabric processing and sub-contracting.

  • Pre-production priorities actively driven to support the latest plan and workflows aligned to reflect the new critical path.

  • Dynamically updated planning boards reflect the current situation including slippage with material status and risks of delay clearly indicated on each MO.

  • Flexible, management level reporting and alert engine.

  • Analyze actual vs. target production details and determine areas of inefficiency and potential improvement.

  • Automated 'One-Click' capacity control and drag and drop production planning.

Garment Engineering

GPro2's GE Module is a Predetermined Motion and Time System which is designed specifically for the sewn products industry. It's primary function is to rationalize garment manufacturing methods and to produce an accurate evaluation of the time required to perform a specific task and operation.

  • Thread Consumption Calculation.

  • Bottle Neck calculation and Line Balancing.

  • Standardize Worker Assessment Procedure.

  • Standardized Operations.


GPro2's Quality Control allows customers to set up their own categories, defects groups and check lists. Maintain Go On, Repair, and Reject statistics for each hour . Simple to use, tablet friendly push-button screen allows quick and easy data capture.

  • Mobile clients allow real-time recording of production performance and discovered defects directly from the production line.

  • AQL module designed for auditing. Keep track of all inspections, including compliance.

  • Print audit and defect statements and maintain logs for all inspections.


GPro2's Financials address the primary accounting areas of General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable. The most comprehensive examples of financial accounting software suites also include companion modules that add Cash Management, Currency Management, Tax Management, Deferred Revenue Accounting, Inter-Company Accounting, Recurring Revenue Management, Fixed Assets, and Payroll Management for a more complete solution.

  • Ability to generate different types of reports on demand and visualise data.

  • Complete integration with various work centers and purchase and sale points from with in the organization Automatically updates the ledgers accordingly on each transaction.